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Rockers in Fur Coats

25 Jun

As some of you may know I recently did a blog post about celebrities in fur coats.  Most of whom were women celebrities or American rappers.  I was given the challenge to find caucasian men celebrities wearing fur or that wear fur(actually rockers).  Let me start off by saying this task was much harder than I first anticipated.  So, I have had a little bit of fun with it.  I decided to put up pictures of white male celebrities wearing fur, but let me be the first to say that I don’t know if it’s real fur or fake fur.  I don’t know what era the picture came from, I don’t know if it was for a movie role or if it was done in their personal life.  Either way I think I found some interesting pictures of some interesting men that aren’t rappers wearing fur coats.  Don’t get me wrong, I love when rappers wear fur, I was just put to the challenge and this is what I was able to come up with.  Did I meet the challenge exactly how it was given to me?  Of couse not, but at least I did try and we should all have fun with this one.

Tom Cruise

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Celebrities love Fur Coats

12 Jun

It’s no secret that Fur is in and at the rate things are going there is not stopping it. Fur coats for men and for women seem to be taking over hollywood. Not that Hollywood is a glowing endorsement for anything these days, but people seem to follow what their favorite celebrity does. What are they doing, they are wearing fur coats like never before. I will admit some of them look good and some of them should simply give it a rest. The great thing is that the fur coat looks good regardless, however sometimes it just isn’t enough to make the person look any better. I know it’s hard to look bad in a fur coat, I guess I will say some of them look weird in them.

Fur Coats: The Celebrity Edition

Let’s start off with the men and se what everyone thinks.  Some are good, I have one favorite, but I won’t tell you which one, I guess I will leave that up for interpretation.  Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

We start off with Ashton Kutcher in this Fur hat, like I said I do have a favorite and I will go ahead and tell you right off the bat that this one isn’t it.  I do really like Mr. Kutcher though, so maybe since I see him wearing this awesome fur hat I might go out and buy myself one next winter.  I mean fur is fur and this does up the coolness level at least 10 fold.  I think I should set up some sort of ranking system for these pictures.

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Buying Fur Coats Online

15 May

Fur Coats for Men in the store?

Recently I have been on the hunt for a nice place to buy fur coats for men, the problem is I live in a warm environment so most of my shopping has to take place online.  Which I don’t have a problem with.  However, in the past I have done most of my fur coat buying on e-bay and some other auction sites.  I have been looking for actual retail shops to buy in, because it just feels like a more legit process than going through e-bay and Paypal.  Really though there is nothing wrong with going through e-bay, I just wanted to find a store that could be a source for many years to come.  Who knows e-bay could disappear tomorrow, but most likely a physical store that also sells online isn’t going anywhere and that’s they type of guarantee that I would like to have.  Not to mention this makes it easier to make phone calls and ask for specific pictures be e-mailed to me. Continue reading

Fur Coats in St. Louis are my Passion

9 Mar

It’s that time of year; you have been going all winter saying that you want or need a new fur coat. Haven’t had it in you to make that purchase yet, but now the fur coats are on sale. Well that is exactly the situation I have been in, I mean let’s face it fur coats for men or for women are not cheap. But I have found an amazing place that does offer cheap fur coats and they are all legit. The nice thing is that this place is trusted and I know where it is. I know their legit, because I have purchased there and so have my friends.

The great thing is that they have men’s fur coats, women’s fur coats and there are tons that are either discounted or just simply cheap. I am talking fur coats, mink jackets, mink coats, you name it, this place is a one-stop shop for fur coats and I am excited to share my find with everyone. Let’s all thank my friend for finding such a nice place. He has bought a few, so I am going to ask again to barrow one. I got a really cool cheap fur coat that makes me look like a baller when I go out to the club on Saturday night, the only problem is that I need another one. I can’t be seen wearing the same fur every time I’m out. Continue reading