Victoria Beckham Fur Style

15 Aug

I am not ashamed to admit that watching the Olympics closing ceremony was more exciting for me than the majority of the games. Why? Three words: Spice Girls reunion. The original Fab Five (Sorry USA Gymnasts!) took the stage in London to perform some of their greatest hits from the 90’s. The costumes were reflections of the girl’s 90’s identities, but here we’re more interested in the things they wear off-stage. Former Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, has done the best to maintain her fame in the 12 years since the girl group separated. She married football star David Beckham and designed her own fashion line.

In addition to her fabulous life, Beckham also has fabulous taste in fur fashion. She frequently steps out in great fur coats in many styles and colors. Whether she’s shopping or hopping a flight across the pond she always knows how to work it for the cameras. Personally, I’m a fan of how these looks are easy to copy. None of Beckham’s coats are outlandish or look out of place on the street, unlike some other celebrities I’ve covered (think: the Olsen twins).
Celebrity Fur Victoria Beckham furCelebrities in Fur

Beckham pairs her furs with sky-high heels, even when she’s on the go. What do you think of the different colors, lengths, and  fur styles Victoria is rocking?

Fur Accessories:

Not only does she know how to rock every kind of fur coat, she also knows how to accessorize! Check out the fur boots she wore on a family skiing trip, they put Uggs to shame! As if we needed to be reminded how fabulous she is, Beckham makes a stylish statement with a Louis Vuitton Fox Tail Messenger Bag while strutting through the airport.

fur bootsFur Accessories

Ginger Spice:

Posh Spice isn’t the only girl who loves the fur. Remember Ginger? Geri Halliwell has been spotted out and about in a variety of furry fashions. Halliwell certainly knows which furs compliment an occasion, keeping it low key for daily activities and stepping it up in the red carpet.

Ginger Spice furgreat fur coatThe problem with all of these looks is the price tag. It’s impossible to score a coat from Beckham without a small fortune. There are a lot of discount fur retailers who can offer similar looks, and they are a great option of you don’t want to go broke for a single coat.


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