Rockers in Fur Coats

25 Jun

As some of you may know I recently did a blog post about celebrities in fur coats.  Most of whom were women celebrities or American rappers.  I was given the challenge to find caucasian men celebrities wearing fur or that wear fur(actually rockers).  Let me start off by saying this task was much harder than I first anticipated.  So, I have had a little bit of fun with it.  I decided to put up pictures of white male celebrities wearing fur, but let me be the first to say that I don’t know if it’s real fur or fake fur.  I don’t know what era the picture came from, I don’t know if it was for a movie role or if it was done in their personal life.  Either way I think I found some interesting pictures of some interesting men that aren’t rappers wearing fur coats.  Don’t get me wrong, I love when rappers wear fur, I was just put to the challenge and this is what I was able to come up with.  Did I meet the challenge exactly how it was given to me?  Of couse not, but at least I did try and we should all have fun with this one.

Tom Cruise

Fur Coats for Men

I am about 100% positive that this picture is from his new movie, however it was simply such a cool picture that I had to include it as he wears the fur coat so well.  I hope you all think so as well, maybe Tom should change his style and start looking like this all of the time.

Kid Rock

Discount Fur Coats

Here is one that I am sure we can all agree is real and we can all agree that it is one awesome fur coat.  It’s not very often that I will say that a man can make a fur coat look cooler than it already is, but in this situation I think he nailed it.  Of course later we are going to see another Kid Rock fur coat picture that should have never been taken.  I am pretty sure that one takes all of the cool points he earned here and flushes them down the toilet.

Justin Bieber

Cheap Fur Coats

Again I don’t know the history behind this picture, however it most definitely is Justin Bieber and I must say he is looking striking in this long fur coat.  I would almost say that Justin Bieber wearing this fur coat has almost made me a Belieber, I did say almost… right.


Fur Coat for Men

This picture looks like it might be pretty old, but yes that is our Eminem wearing fur.  I believe it’s a real picture, however I don’t believe we would catch him in this today.  That’s why we love cameras though, because at one time Eminem was sporting an awesome fur and it actually looked pretty good, well at least when the hood was up.

Keith Richards

Mens fur Coats

Again, I’m not sure when this picture was taken, because as far as I know Keith Richards is a vampire and doesn’t age, but either way I think he’s still wearing fur and looking as good as he ever has.  This is actually another one of my favorites, it might be the fact that he’s rocking out while wearing the fur coat that gets me.

Kid Rock

Fur Coats

I had plenty more pictures that I could choose from and throw on here, but I figured I would end it here.  I told you there was another one of Kid Rock that was going to take all of his cool points away.  Well, here it is, I think he meant well, but this is one outfit that I would rather not see any man wearing.  Come on Kid Rock what are you doing to that awesome fur coat and is that a pager?

Now since I have tried so hard to research this blog post please do me a favor and go to Google+ and +1 the Fur Clearinghouse profile.  That way we can all start to make other connections out there in the social world.


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