Celebrities love Fur Coats

12 Jun

It’s no secret that Fur is in and at the rate things are going there is not stopping it. Fur coats for men and for women seem to be taking over hollywood. Not that Hollywood is a glowing endorsement for anything these days, but people seem to follow what their favorite celebrity does. What are they doing, they are wearing fur coats like never before. I will admit some of them look good and some of them should simply give it a rest. The great thing is that the fur coat looks good regardless, however sometimes it just isn’t enough to make the person look any better. I know it’s hard to look bad in a fur coat, I guess I will say some of them look weird in them.

Fur Coats: The Celebrity Edition

Let’s start off with the men and se what everyone thinks.  Some are good, I have one favorite, but I won’t tell you which one, I guess I will leave that up for interpretation.  Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

We start off with Ashton Kutcher in this Fur hat, like I said I do have a favorite and I will go ahead and tell you right off the bat that this one isn’t it.  I do really like Mr. Kutcher though, so maybe since I see him wearing this awesome fur hat I might go out and buy myself one next winter.  I mean fur is fur and this does up the coolness level at least 10 fold.  I think I should set up some sort of ranking system for these pictures.

Fur Coats For Men - Ashton Kutcher

Next up we have Pharrel Williams and I must say the bow-tie underneath the fur is one good look.  Again it’s hard to look bad in a fur, especially when the rest of the style is there to back it up.  This is why fur coats are selling better now than ever.  With so many styles coming out it’s easy to mix and match a fur coat with a regular outfit and still look fly for a lack of a better word.

Mens Fur Coat - Pharrell Williams

Next up, one of my favorite rappers of all time, Diddy, however I will say that is not clouding my judgement when it comes to picking a favorite…. No seriously I swear.  I like the look, it is another example of how there are fur coats out there for anyone and everyone.  This could be worn to a formal event, out to the club, or as an everyday coat.  Good job Mr. Diddy!

Fur Coats for Men - Diddy

Here we have another rapper, Gucci Mane,  I will be the first to admit that I don’t know much about Gucci Mane.  However, I do know one thing, this fur coat makes him look good and I think he knows it.  Then again this takes me back to what I was saying, can anyone really look bad when they are wearing a fur coat?  I know it’s a difficult task to accomplish.  Maybe I will look up his music and see if he sounds as good as he looks in this fur.

Fur Coat - Gucci Mane

Now here we go, Mr. Kanye West himself looking swag in this long fur coat.  I do believe those are leather pants under that coat with some sneakers to finish off the outfit.  Just to prove how cool Kanye looks and feels in this fur coat, he is also wearing his sunglasses at night.  Now this is what I call looking good and setting trends here.  This picture is going to sell 1 million fur coats all by itself.

Fur Coats are trending in Hollywood

Here is the last of the guys and I think it’s a pretty good one.  Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 Cent is making this fur coat look like it is part of him.  It is such a natural look that I think he should probably just wear it everyday for the rest of his life.  But, I’m not saying this is my favorite one, remember we still have the fur coats for women coming up next.

Fur Coat - 50 Cent

Fur Coats: The Women Celebrities

OK, so we start off with Pamela Anderson, who could possibly look good or bad in anything she wears, I think it just depends on the day of the week.  However, this fur coat is making her look pretty darn attractive.  I do have to say I am sorry as I don’t know who the other girl in the picture is, however I think the fur is quite amazing.

Women's Fur Coats

I will say that this one is pretty awesome.  No idea if it was made specifically for Nicki Minaj or if you can find it out there somewhere.  Either way it is one cool fur coat and I kind of wish I knew someone that had it, so we could rock it out to the club.  Nicki Minaj is an interesting character and she loves fur,  I will show you another one of her unique fur coats in a little bit.

Celebrity Fur Coat - Nicki Minaj

Here is a fresh young star Lana Del Rey and she is rocking one sweet fur coat.  I’m not sure that I have seen many fur coats like this around, leave it up to an artsy alternative artist to come up with such a trendy fur coat.  I think this goes to show that there is most definitely a fur coat out there for everyone.

Fur Coats for Women - Lana Del Rey

With Lady Gaga I think there is one thing that we can all tell, she is not wearing a cheap fur or a discount fur.  I don’t know how much this coat cost her, but I am sure it was a pretty penny.  There is no denying how good it looks though.  Is there a single fur lover out there that can say they don’t like a fur coat, simply because of the person that is wearing it?  I really doubt it.

Discount furs - This is not

Here is everyone’s favorite to hate reality star Kim Kardashian, let’s face it, it really is pretty easy to hate this women.  But, putting all of that hate asid, this is one sexy fur ensemble that she has put together here.  So put the hate away for a while and admire how good Kim Kardashian looks in this fur coat.  I don’t know if it’s her making the fur look good or the other way around, either way this is a good picture.

Fur Coats for Women

Quite the opposite from Kim Kardashian, everyone seems to love Eva Longoria and for good reason, she is a beautiful woman.  This fur coat sure doesn’t hurt her looks either.  Celebrities simply know how to dress, so I guess as much as the average american pretends to hate them, they will continue to get their fashion tips from them and in this situation I agree.

Eva Longoria wearing a Fur Coat

I told you I would bring it back to Nicki Minaj and I also told you that I wouldn’t tell you which fur coat was my favorite, however I think I had to finish the best for last.  Let me know if you agree, because I really think this one is so unique and she looks so good in it.  I would be interested to hear your thoughts about that.

Rainbow Fur Jacket

Well I hope you liked my celebrity run through of Fur Fashion, if you take nothing else from this I would say that there is some sort of fur out there for everyone.  Please comment and post your own celebrity fur pictures, we would love to see them and dont forget to buy your own fur coat.


One Response to “Celebrities love Fur Coats”

  1. dianne July 3, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

    How discusting that these people condone the killing of innocent animals so that they can look cool (in their eyes). Most of them look like idiots wrapped in an animal that should still be living.If we should slaughter humans would they then wear their skins because it feels nice. Grow up people and realise that we need to save animals not wear them

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