Buying Fur Coats Online

15 May

Fur Coats for Men in the store?

Recently I have been on the hunt for a nice place to buy fur coats for men, the problem is I live in a warm environment so most of my shopping has to take place online.  Which I don’t have a problem with.  However, in the past I have done most of my fur coat buying on e-bay and some other auction sites.  I have been looking for actual retail shops to buy in, because it just feels like a more legit process than going through e-bay and Paypal.  Really though there is nothing wrong with going through e-bay, I just wanted to find a store that could be a source for many years to come.  Who knows e-bay could disappear tomorrow, but most likely a physical store that also sells online isn’t going anywhere and that’s they type of guarantee that I would like to have.  Not to mention this makes it easier to make phone calls and ask for specific pictures be e-mailed to me.

I’ve been in contact with a store in St. Louis and I believe that I have finally found the store that I am going to go with.  They have a good online reputation and it’s funny, because I feel like I have already bought some coats from this store, however I did it on e-bay.  I guess it’s a small world after all, but it does tell me that I will be able to trust this place as an actual retail store as well.  I’m not sure if the store likes to go about selling their coats directly or if they would rather do the sale through e-bay, however I can only think they like to do it better directly.  This way they can talk to their customer and they don’t have to use a middleman.  They might have to do a little more work, but they will know I am getting what I want and that I will be a happy returning customer.

Fur Coats for Women in the same Store.

I really found a jackpot with this one, because I located a store that has fur coats for women as well and again I don’t have to go through e-bay.  The nice thing is that they are able to take detailed pictures of these furs and e-mail them to me, which is awesome.  I wish I could get customer service like this through every store that I deal with whether it’s online or in person.  Sometimes I can’t even get someone to let me into the fitting room at a local clothing store, talk about not doing their job.  But, that’s a whole different blog post right there, because I am talking about how happy I am about my new fur source that I have found.  If you are a fur lover like me then you will appreciate my excitement on this topic and know exactly why I decided to blog and tell you all about it.  I hope it helps some of you out when looking for a new coat!


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